Mormon Historical Studies - Spring 2002 | Vol. 3 | No. 1

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Introduction and Contents

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Letter

Telling the Nauvoo Story

Joseph Smith: Mayor of Nauvoo

“For This Ordinance Belongeth to My House”: The Practice of Baptism for the Dead Outside the Nauvoo Temple

“Preparing Kingdom-Bearers”: Educating the Children of Nauvoo

“The Rediscovery of William Weeks’ Nauvoo Temple Drawings”

“Discovery of a Rare Daguerreotype of Frederick Granger Williams Smith, Second Surviving Son of Joseph and Emma Hale Smith”

Name Index

Conversations with Historian

“The Maverick Historian”: A Conversation with Stanley B. Kimball

Historic Research Index

The Cemetery Record of William D. Huntington, Nauvoo Sexton


Katharine Smith Salisbury and Lucy Smith Millikin’s Attitudes Toward Succession, the Reorganized Church, and Their Smith Relatives in Utah

Book Reviews

Gathering to Nauvoo, by Fred E. Woods – Reviewed by Lavina Fielding Anderson

Obsucre Believers: The Mormon Schism of Alpheus Cutler, by Biloine Whiting Young – Reviewed by Richard E. Bennett