Mormon Historical Studies - Spring 2001 | Vol. 2 | No. 1

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Editor’s Letter

Missouri’s 1838 Extermination Order and the Mormons’ Forced Removal to Illinois

Brigham Young and the Twelve in Quincy: A Return to the Eye of the Missouri Storm, 26 April 1839

“We took Our Change of Venue to the State of Illinois”: The Gallation Hearing and the Escape of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Prisoners from Missouri, April 1839

Quincy – A City of Refuge

The Role of Newspapers in Shaping Public Opinion During the Period of Mormon Arrival in Quincy, 1838-39

“Quincy – The Home of Our Adoption”: A Study of the Mormons in Quincy, Illinois, 1838-40

Two Sides of a River: Mormon Transmigration through Quincy, Illinois, and Hannibal, Missouri

The Early Quincy Cemetery and Mormon Burials

Name Index


Not Every Missourian Was a Bad Guy: Hiram G. Parks’ 1839 Letter to James Sloan in Quincy, Illinois

Conversations with Historians

Conversing with “Mr. Kirtland”: An Interview with Karl Ricks Anderson

Book Review

The Personal Writings of Eliza Roxcy Snow, by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher – Reviewed by Jill Mulvay Derr