Mormon Historical Studies - Fall 2005 | Vol. 6 | No. 2

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This issue of Mormon Historical Studies is centered around the Prophet Joseph Smith.







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Introduction & Contents

Editor’s Introduction

The Early Smiths of Topsfield

The Birthplace Home of Joseph Smith Jr.

From Missionary Resort to Memorial Farm: Commemoration and Capitalism at the Birthplace of Joseph Smith, 1905–1925

“That Most Important of All Books”: A Printing History of The Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith and the Revelations: From Manuscripts to Publication

Joseph Smith Period Clothing: The 2005 Brigham Young University Exhibit

“To Lie in Yonder Tomb”: The Tomb and Burial of Joseph Smith

Name Index

Conversation with Historians

From the Farm to the Classroom: An Interview with Kenneth W. Godfrey


Journalist Edmund Flagg’s “Nauvoo Essay”: A Narrative Based on 1840 and 1844 Visits to Nauvoo and an Interview with Joseph Smith

Historic Sites

Joseph Smith’s Topsfield Ancestors Commemorated

Personal Essay

Joseph Smith, Now Cast in Bronze, Returns to New York City

Book Review

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, A Cultural Biography of Mormonism’s Founder, by Richard Lyman Bushman – Reviewed by Thomas G. Alexander

Joseph Smith’s America: His Life and Times, by Chad M. Orton and William W. Slaughter – Reviewed by Brian Q. Cannon