Mormon Historical Studies - Fall 2003 | Vol. 4 | No. 2

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Introduction & Contents

Editor’s Letter

From Liverpool to Keokuk: The Mormon Maritime Migration Experience of 1853

The 1853 Mormon Migration Through Keokuk

LDS Emigration in 1853: The Keokuk Encampment and Outfitting Ten Wagon Trains for Utah

Frederick Piercy: English Artist on the American Plains

Among the Poorest of Saints: Mormon Migration to and Through Burlington, Iowa, 1846-1887

Esquire James Weston Woods: Legal Counsel to Joseph Smith

Name Index

Historic Reseach Index

1853 Mormon Immigrants Who Camped in Keokuk

Historic Sites

Finding the Haun’s Mill Face Wheel

Remembering the Mormons in Lee County, Iowa: Marking the Past in Montrose and Keokuk


Anti-Mormon Bug and Vermin Poison

“I Consider the Proper Authority Rests Among the Mormons”: Oran Brownson to Orestes Brownson on Oran’s Conversion to Mormonism

Book Review

One Side by Himself: The Life and Times of Lewis Barney, 1808-1894,  Ronald O. Barney – Reviewed by Donna T. Smart